Group Facilitation

Movers&Shakers can facilitate many types of gatherings. These include forums, seminars, conferences, conversation cafes, open space and visual meetings.

The role of the facilitator is to create a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment conducive for great conversations and the achievement of goals. A wide range of tools and strategies need to be adopted to facilitate team cohesion, high levels of engagement and creative thinking and problem solving.

Movers&Shakers is experienced in the use of World Café and Open Space methodologies. Both of these exciting approaches requires the facilitator to set the tone and intention for the group and then to facilitate exercises and processes that create clarity and move the group towards a deeper understanding of issues and action. In these situations the facilitator ‘holds the space’ allowing group participants to do the majority of the work, including as is the case with Open Space, to group and regroup according to personal interests and passions.

Visual meetings are an exciting and powerful way to capture ideas, issues, inspirations, new learnings, relationships and interdependencies. Using this technique, group processes are mapped creative ideas generated and problems solved using a range of visual techniques including mind maps, storyboards, graphic organisers, kinaesthetic models and gallery walks.

We have successfully used a combination of traditional and contemporary facilitation methodologies to: develop strategic plans; strengthen team work; resolve conflicts; challenge existing paradigms; generate new product and service ideas; gain feedback on plans and proposals; conduct environmental audits; and stimulate collective action.

Client Portfolio

  • University of Adelaide
  • Community Centres SA
  • Western Area Youth Service
  • SA Power Networks
  • Department of Families and Communities
  • Open Access College
  • Magill Schools
  • Coonawarra Vignerons
  • SA Rural Women’s Gathering
  • Paddocks Community Centre
  • Department of Further Education, Employment Science and Technology
  • Electrotechnology and Water Skills Board

Thankyou so much for the wonderful day on Friday at our team building workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and went away feeling inspired and motivated. Your presentations, fun filled activities and attention to detail was very much appreciated.

Beverly Hurst. Program Support Officer, Adelaide College of the Arts

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