A Brainy Trip

Jenny McCormick, Director – Movers&Shakers has recently returned from a trip to the United States where she had the opportunity to participate in a range of conferences and activities focussing on ‘Neuroscience and Learning’.

Jenny McCormickJenny McCormick, Eric Jensen and Jean Blaydes

The first conference titled ‘Creativity and the Mind’ was held in San Francisco and featured many high profile academics from universities across the United States. Topics included: Creative Thinking for the 21st Century; The Art of Teaching Creativity; The Creating Brain: The Neuroscience of Creativity; and Teach Your Children Well: Promoting Creativity, Coping and Authentic Success.

The second conference titled ‘Game Changers’ was conducted by Eric Jensen in San Antonio, Texas. Eric is known internationally for his work on brain-based learning and is the author of many books including ‘Teaching with the Brain in Mind’, ‘Tools for Engagement’ and ‘Teaching with Poverty in Mind’. Jenny was really excited to meet Eric as much of her own teachings in the field of Neuroscience and Learning is based on his work. To find out more about Eric Jensen visit www.jensenlearning.com.

To finish the trip, Jenny was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work shadow Jean Blaydes, who speaks internationally on the theme of Action-Based Learning – an approach which promotes incorporating movement into all classrooms in order to improve student performance. Jenny is really looking forward to working collaboratively with Jean and other passionate colleagues in the future. To find out more about Jean Blaydes visit www.abllab.com.

Jenny is now in the process of creating a series of training and development workshops to share her new learnings with educators across Australia.

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